TAUS Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, we’ve assembled common asked questions & answers about TAUS and our mission.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us and let us know. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


TAUS stands for “Tanzanian Adventists in the United States”. It’s an association of Adventists of Tanzanian origin, their families and friends.

Anyone can become a TAUS member. One needs to simply agree to our mission and vision, and be willing to support TAUS’s work.

TAUS was formed for two main reasons:
1. To support its members spiritual growth
2. To support God’s work in starting with Tanzania

TAUS has three pillars:
1. Evangelism – this is the main pillar that includes supporting evangelistic activities in Tanzania as well as strengthening TAUS members spiritual life
2. Education. TAUS offers scholarships to deserving students who are taking theology or religion Bachelor degrees at Bugema University in Uganda or Arusha University in Tanzania.
3. Health. TAUS supports health projects in Tanzania. For example, TAUS is currently supporting construction of a maternity ward at Heri Hospital in Kigoma region in Tanzania.

TAUS activities are determined by the three pillars listed above. For example, these are the projects, which were approved for the year 2020:
1. Conducts annual national retreats
2. Supports evangelism crusades in Tanzania
3. Church construction in un-entered areas
4. Sponsoring lay evangelists
5. Buy motorcycles for rural pastors
6. Support Tanzania Adventists media
7. Provides scholarships to theology students
8. Give financial support to clinics and health centers in Tanzania

TAUS supports theology students in financial need. Currently this scholarship is available for Arusha and Bugema university students. TAUS scholarships pay for tuition and fees to awarded students.

TAUS has a scholarship committee that receives and reviews scholarship applications. The applicants must demonstrate academic ability, a calling to ministry through prior church volunteer service, active spiritual life and true financial need. The committee evaluates all applications with those factors in mind, and awards scholarships based on TAUS funding availability.

No. TAUS is not a church. It’s a ministry of people of same faith (Adventists). While affiliated to a church, TAUS is an independent, non-profit organization.

As a national organization, TAUS is organized in regions – which largely coincide with the US Census regions. The TAUS regions are known as chapters, which were formed to better serve its members and effectively implement projects. Currently, TAUS has seven active chapters including: Midwest, New England, South Atlantic, West-South-Central, Mid-Atlantic, Pacific and West-North-Central.

Contact the president or Secretary to know your chapter and chapter leader.

Currently there are about 300 members. But membership differs significantly across chapters.

All TAUS members meet once annually during retreat (sometimes referred to as the general assembly). Each chapter arranges local meetings, which meet more frequently. Chapter meetings are recommended at least once a quarter.

TAUS is led by the executive committee under the leadership of the National President. The executive committee includes the President, Secretary, Treasurer, all Department directors, Chaplain, three co-opted members and chapter presidents.

Leaders are elected for 2 year terms, which are renewable. The National president, Secretary and treasurer are limited to two terms.

Non- Tanzanians are welcome to join as associate TAUS members with no voting rights. Anybody could join TAUS as long as he or she supports and agrees with TAUS’s mission.

TAUS projects committee conducts an evaluation of the area to work. The evaluation is based on expected impact on the three pillars. The project committee receives recommendations from the church leadership in Tanzania, and makes informed judgment on where TAUS funding is more needed, will have bigger impact and further TAUS’s goals.

The projects committee recommends these projects to the executive committee for approval.

No. All leaders volunteer for their time and effort.

Yes, TAUS receives support from any legal source and from donors who are known to conduct ethical businesses. For example, TAUS will not receive support from donors known to conduct illegal businesses.