TAUS Constitution




We, the Tanzanian Adventists living in the United States of America, do recognize the need to come together because we believe that as a united body in Jesus Christ we are able to help each other and use our resources to support God’s work through evangelism and community service activities of common interest and fulfill a common destiny for the common good of our fellow human beings. We acknowledge the importance of guidelines to direct our activities and help us remain united and focused. We therefore, hereby affirm the following:



2A. Vision
TAUS members shall live by the guiding principles of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church and share Christian love through their lifestyle and resources. These resources shall then be used to reach out to communities in need; hence spreading the gospel and changing lives.


TAUS guiding principles are based on Christian values of giving and sharing. These principles are manifested through our three pillars- evangelism, healing and knowledge sharing. We believe that “GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER” and that “charity begins at home”. By serving humanity, we serve God and as we bless others, we are also blessed. Through these principles we hope to hasten the return of our Savior Jesus Christ.


2B. Mission
TAUS is an organization of Seventh-day Adventists from Tanzania and their associates living in the USA and other countries. These individuals have committed themselves to evangelize and provide services to people of all walks of life by supporting various SDA Church based activities through sharing their God given talents and resources.






4A. Name:
The name of the organization shall be the Tanzanian Adventists in United States (TAUS), Inc.


4B. Status:
The Tanzanian Adventists in United States (TAUS) organization shall be a 501(c), a Non-profit organization.



5A. TAUS Purpose
i).   To provide services and support various charitable projects.

ii).   All such other purposes as permissible for an organization formed under Chapter 180 of the Massachusetts General Laws.

iii).   TAUS is established exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.


5B. TAUS Activities
i).   Do God’s work through evangelism, healing and knowledge sharing.

ii).   Build and renovate churches. Assist in different levels of construction and financing the materials of construction.

iii).   Support General Education: assist in setting seminars and supporting and sponsoring SDA individuals who are pursuing studies in religion and theology.

iv).   Facilitates religious gathering and meetings: Work with different conferences and union during ingathering and evangelism efforts.

v).   Assist in the spiritual growth of its members.

vi).   Provide direct funding to projects in progress.

vii).   Provide tangible and/or intangible support those working on similar goals.

viii).   Recruit volunteers who will be willing to partner with us in our projects.

ix).   Any other projects or community service activities that will be designed to enhance the spreading of the gospel.



6A. Membership Categories

There shall be two categories of memberships:

i).   Primary Members: These are all Tanzanian Adventists who live in the United States of America (including their spouses, children and other family members).

ii).   Associate Members: These are members from other countries besides Tanzania, both

Adventists and non-Adventists, who agree to abide by TAUS and SDA church principles.


6B. Membership Contribution

i).   There shall be an annual membership contribution as established by the Executive Committee.

ii).   Up to ten (10) percent of all raised funds will be used to cover administrative costs.


6C. Member Rights

i).   Members in good standing shall be those who uphold the objectives and constitution of this organization and participate in programs and other activities initiated and approved by this organization. This includes participating in meetings, offering ideas, contributing their talents and resources, and not engaging behaviors contrary to the mission of TAUS. They are also expected to be actively engaged in recruiting new TAUS members.

ii).  Primary members in good standing shall have voting rights and may be elected leaders of TAUS (with the exception of children under the age of eighteen (18)).

iii).  Associate Members have no rights to vote and may not be elected leaders.

iv).  There shall be regular communication from TAUS leaders to members and vice versa.



i).   TAUS shall remain to be an independent organization capable of making its own independent decision without the influence of any other organization, including the church organization in Tanzania or any other country we choose to operate.

ii).   TAUS shall collaborate with other organizations with similar goals in helping humanity as long as they don’t interfere with the purpose and beliefs of TAUS and those of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.



The officers of TAUS shall at all times be responsible to the organization.

8A: The officers of this organization shall be:

I.   President

II.   Secretary

III.   Treasurer

IV.    Projects Director

V.   Children and Youth Director

VI.   Resource Mobilization and Donor Relations Director

VII.   Communication and Social Affairs Director

VIII.   Chapters Presidents (one from each chapter)

IX.   Ex-officios

X.   Co-opted Members

XI.   Chaplain


8B. Duties of TAUS Officers

I. President

The President of TAUS shall:

1.      Preside over all meetings and shall co-ordinate all the activities of the organization, in accordance with the stated purposes.  S/he shall be the official spokesperson of the organization, convening all meetings of the organization, and co-signing the minutes after they have been approved.

2.      Ensure that all assignment and resolutions of the TAUS General Assembly, the Executive Committee and members at large are carried out effectively.  She/he shall also ensure that the organization remains focused and stay on course to achieve its objectives and vision.

3.      The Executive Committee or the President may appoint another person to represent the President as the need may arise.

4.      Preside over all Executive Committee meetings and all business meetings of the organization.

5.      Be the official representative of TAUS in meetings, forums or any legal proceedings that requires TAUS representation.

6.      Report to the members on legal matters or policy changes that are of interest to the organization.

7.      Break the deadlock in cases where votes are tied.

8.      Be responsible to ensure smooth transition of incoming and outgoing officers after elections or as the need may arise.

9.      Along with the Secretary shall ensure that all correspondences (letters emails etc.) are addressed/directed to their respective offices and follow-through that the responses are done promptly and officially.

10.     In cases of emergencies whereby the Executive Committee cannot be convened, the President, using his/her judgment, shall provide directives and instruction to deal with the situation temporarily and then arrange for further review by the Executive Committee or members at large.

11.  Be responsible for maintenance and safekeeping of all assets of the organization in his/her office.

12.  Designate person/s to perform special duties that may not be listed under any other office/department.  He/she shall advise the Executive Committee on such appointments.

13.  Chair the election of the interim officer, who will then take over the election proceedings of the officers at the annual election meeting or as need may arise.

14.  Perform such duties and bear additional responsibilities as will be designated by the Executive Committee or members at large.


II. Secretary

The Secretary is an executive functioning office and not merely clerical and shall:

1.      Prepare and document all agendas for the meetings.

2.      Maintain records of meetings minutes and provide them as needed.

3.      Notify all members of the Executive Committee on upcoming meetings and also find out a possible quorum before the meetings.

4.      Share with all the members on decisions/plans made by the executive.

5.      The Secretary is next in line to the President. In the absence of the President, the Secretary shall resume the duties and discharge responsibilities of the President until such a time where the officer has been replaced or return to work.

6.      Ensure that all formal correspondences are done accordingly within and outside TAUS.

7.      Ensure adherence of members to the code of conduct as well as to the rules and regulations of TAUS as a whole.

8.      Ensure that all official documentations are maintained in a safe and sound condition.

9.         Follow-up with assignments of all other departments and advise the President of the progress made.

10.     Along with the President, ensure that TAUS is in compliance with the Government Registrar office, IRS etc.

11.     Ensure safety of all office properties/supplies and is the custodian of the TAUS assets.

12.     Serves as an administrative advisor to the President.

13.     Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President or Executive Committee.


III. Treasurer

The Treasurer is in charge of all financial affairs of TAUS. The treasurer shall:

1.      Be the custodian of all TAUS funds, all materials and equipment donated or purchased for various projects. Funds may include but not limited to offerings collected during meetings, money collected during fund raising activities from various departments, all contributions from members/companies/donors and others.

2.      Be in charge of all banking transactions by ensuring prompt deposits and withdrawals as needed, maintain proper records of all such transaction as well as dispensing receipts to the parties as needed.

3.      Update members of the status of their contribution toward various projects. He/she shall actively take part encouraging and advising members on stewardship matters to enhance their support to TAUS projects.

4.      Post and announce ahead of time events that will require members’ financial support so as to prepare them for the event. This includes proper assessment of the financial status of the organization in relation to planned activities.

5.      Keep proper records of all financial transactions.

6.      Make proper arrangements of handling offerings and donations during such events, make verifiable counts of all the money collected and ensure its safekeeping until the banking transactions are done.

7.      Provide financial reports and statements as needed to the Executive Committee/members at large as well as necessary filings required by law to authorities or any other legal organizations e.g. government, donor group etc.

8.      Serve as a financial advisor to the President, Resource Mobilization and Donor Relations Director as well as the Executive Committee.

9.      Maintain and keep safe all TAUS assets used by the Treasury office.

10.  Facilitate all purchases and maintain inventories or items approved by the Executive Committee members. Also will ensure that different departments submit their spending reports adequately to his/her satisfaction.

11.  Ensure that all the bill and dues for TAUS are paid in full and on time.

12.  Compile and provide a summary of organization’s budget as different departments submit them and provide a report to the meetings as needed.

13.  Attend meetings, forums etc. of financial interests to TAUS.

14.  Perform all other duties as will be assigned by the President or Executive Committee.


IV. Project Director

The Project Director shall:

1.      Brainstorm ideas/ innovative ways TAUS funding can be used to have a more lasting impact. Develop new project initiatives to support the strategic direction of the organization

2.      Plan, direct, coordinate, and lead project activities to ensure that goals, objectives and all elements of TAUS are accomplished within the prescribed time frame and funding parameters.

3.      Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project. Outline work plan to assign duties, responsibilities, and scope of authority.

4.      Keep track of all TAUS projects progress and challenges and work to ensure smooth implementation.

5.      Develop an annual budget and operating plan to support projects, monitor and approve all budgeted project expenditures, and ensure that the project operate within the approved budget.

6.      Develop a project evaluation framework to assess the strengths of the project and to identify areas for improvement.

7.      Participate in developing funding proposals for the project to ensure the continuous delivery of service.

8.      Confer with project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve problems.

9.      Provide program content expertise, which will include delivering public presentations about TAUS projects and communicating the project’s purpose, value and importance to various stakeholders.

10.  Network with and identify local, regional, state and national and international agencies; educational institutions; non-profit organizations; and private sector and other potential collaborators who share TAUS interest and may prove resourceful in areas we work.

11.  Review status reports prepared by project personnel and modify schedules or plans as required. Prepare and review project reports for presentation to Executive Committee Report to the Executive Committee and all TAUS members on TAUS projects implementation.

12.  Be the advisor to the President and the Executive Committee on matters of projects and their implementation.

13.  Prepare annual report or any other reports as needed.

14.  Liaise with other officers to ensure the effective and efficient project delivery.

15.  Ensure that projects comply with all applicable legal requirements and regulations

16.  Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President or Executive Committee.


V. Children and Youth Director

The Children and Youth Director shall:

1.      Be an advocate for children and youth and educate TAUS about their hopes, concerns and needs in the organization.

2.      Help plan, develop, and implement all aspects of a balanced children and youth ministry in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, mission, and outreach.

3.      Mentor children and youth in developing their leadership skills.

4.      Be aware of resources for developing the children and youth ministry programming and participate in continuing education events and training opportunities.

5.      Recruit and train volunteers who work with children and youth in all aspects of their ministry and ensure adequate volunteer support and adult to youth ratios.

6.      Be a liaison between TAUS and other community organizations, people, and resources that relate to children and youth and their ministries.

7.      Work in partnership with the Executive Committee to effectively reach children and youth in the community and develop a strategic children and youth ministry outreach plan.

8.      Keep records of children and youth participation and manage their ministry budget.

9.      Communicate in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, bulletin, newsletter, bulletin board, etc.). Ensure communication with TAUS organization and leadership, and parents as a whole.

10.  Be available to help children and youth in a variety of ways.

11.  Work to identify and nurture gifts and talents of children and youth within TAUS

12.  Ensure that the Child Protection Policy is observed in all children and youth ministry settings.

13.  Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President or Executive Committee.


VI. Resource Mobilization and Donor Relations Director

The Resource Mobilization and Donor Relations Director shall:

1.      Lead resource mobilization, which includes fundraising, in-kind donations, and soliciting volunteers to work for TAUS related activities such as mission trips, etc.

2.      Identify and collect contact information of potential donors- agencies, individuals and

3.      Companies that may be of support to TAUS interests. Ensure that all funds raised or donated material are presented to the Treasurer for


4.      Be the advisor to the President and the Executive Committee on matters of resource mobilization.

5.      Monitor and coordinate all fundraising activities of all other departments.

6.      Submit the calendar of fundraising activities to the Executive Committee and suggest

best approaches.

7.      In charge of donor relation by updating donors and potential donors on TAUS activities and how resources are used for the intended cause.

8.      Ensure that TAUS’s official media outlets are maintained and updated regularly and present a professional image to donors and other outsiders.

9.      Report to the Executive Committee and President on all matters pertaining to resource mobilization and donor relations.

10.  Advise the Executive Committee on matters of fundraising and donor relations.

11.  Prepare and present an annual budget for fundraising and donor relations activities.

12.  Attend Executive Committee meeting as scheduled.

13.  Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President or Executive Committee.


VII. Communication and Social Affairs Director

The Communication and Social Affairs and Director shall:

1.      Plan and implements all social activities for the TAUS group.

2.      Provide to the Executive Committee a calendar of such planned social activities.

3.      Coordinate and supervise all food and drinks supplies during the spiritual emphasis meetings or social gatherings as needed.

4.      Ensure that the facilities and equipment used for social purposes are well-maintained and kept in a safe environment and also ensure that etiquettes are followed during such events.

5.      Make arrangements of guest speakers, including their accommodation, transportation and attend to all their logistical needs while they serve TAUS spiritual needs.

6.      Coordinate and communicate to members on matters of significance to TAUS members.

7.      Act as an advisor to the Executive Committee and the President on social and communication matters.

8.      Prepare annual reports or any reports as needed.

9.      Maintain all records related to social affairs.

10.  Prepare a budget for communication and social affairs activities every year.

11.  Attend executive meetings as required.

12.  Assist and provide a smooth flow of information and announcements.

13.  Coordinate all nationwide meetings/ retreats that bring TAUS members together.

14.  Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Committee.


VIII. Chapter Presidents

The Chapter Presidents shall:

1.   Form part of the TAUS Executive Committee and therefore must attend to the Executive Committee meetings and present reports as needed.

2.   Plan, organize and conduct meetings in their areas and discuss issue of local importance but those enhancing TAUS agenda and/or issues generated by TAUS’s general body.

3.   Establish a listing of all TAUS potential members in their area; strive to develop a relationship with them that enhances the growth of TAUS as an organization.

4.   Provide regular reports of TAUS activities conducted in their areas to the Secretary or Executive Committee and General Assembly at the annual meeting as needed.

5.   Form a working committee (as needed) that will deal with matters pertaining to their local areas but of TAUS significance. This committee will be locally elected or appointed and does not need approval of the Executive Committee or general assembly.

6.   Coordinate fund raising activities in their areas for TAUS projects. They may make use of Executive members if needed to promote the mission.

7.   Be ambassadors of TAUS in their area by actively being involved in spreading the mission of TAUS.

8.   Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Committee or the President.


IX. Ex-officios

The Ex-officios are outgoing President, Secretary and Treasurer and any other ex-leader that

may be invited by the President. They shall:

1.   Work as advisers to the Executive Committee and the President.

2.   Attend meetings per President’s request but will not be voting members.


X. Co-opted Members

These are three (3) members that will be nominated by the General Assembly to be members

of the Executive Committee. They shall:

1.   Provide advice and professional expertise to assist the Executive Committee in its work

2.   Provide advice and guidance from their personal and professional experience and expertise on the strategic direction of the organization.

3.   Attend all meetings called by the Executive Committee.

4.   When required, attend any other meeting within the organization at the request of the President, with adequate notice.

5.   Support and advise the President.

6.   Provide an impartial and independent view of the remit of the Executive Committee.


XI. Chaplain

The Chaplain shall:

1.   Address all spiritual needs of TAUS members.

2.   Prepare, execute and monitor all programs arranged for spiritual purposes.

3.   Be in charge of all TAUS Children and Youth departments and shall attend their meetings or send a representative.

4.   Provide a schedule of meetings and events of spiritual emphasis to the Executive Committee.

5.   Serve as an advisor to the President/Executive Committee on spiritual matters.

6.   Provide annual reports, budget etc. annually or as needed.

7.   Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Committee.


8C. Officers’ Qualifications

The Officers of TAUS shall be:

i).   From among the active members of the organization.

ii).   Dedicated to the objectives of the organization.

iii).   Able to demonstrate qualities of leadership.


8D. Officers’ Behavior

i).   If an officer’s personal life, attitude, or conduct causes embarrassment to the organization, or if s/he is guilty of gross misconduct, the officer may be relieved of all responsibilities by the Executive Committee in a properly convened meeting. The SDA church procedure will be followed to address the matter under the Executive Committees’ leadership and decision will be reported to the General Assembly.

ii).   In case the entire Executive Committee leadership is corrupt, an independent audit team, elected by the General Assembly will investigate the matter and report the decisions to the General Assembly.



9A. The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of TAUS shall consist of the elected officers as provided by Article V. They shall:

i).   Be responsible for carrying out the business of the organization.

ii).   Appoint the Board of Trustees when deemed necessary. The appointed trustees will be approved by the General Assembly.

iii).   Make executive decisions on behalf of TAUS members.


9B. The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall be made up of five (5) respected individuals elected or ratified to a five-year term by the General Assembly.  They shall:

i).   Oversee the activities of the organization, but have no power to run the organization

ii).   Provide advice to TAUS officers.

iii).   Provide mediation between members as needed.

iv).   Resolve conflicts among officers and put in place strategies to keep the smooth running

v).   Organization until the next General Assembly, should the conflict escalate.



10A. Definition

TAUS Chapters are branches of TAUS restricted to a given locality as assigned by TAUS constitution or bylaws.


10B. Structure and Roles

TAUS Chapters are based on the Regional divisions used by the United States Census

Bureau. The roles of TAUS Chapters shall be defined in TAUS bylaws.


10C. Chapter Meetings

i).   Chapters shall organize and schedule their own meetings as long as such meeting/events are in line with TAUS constitution and the schedules are not in conflict with TAUS national   General Meeting(s).

ii).   Chapters shall have at least three (3) meetings in a year.

iii).   Chapter meetings shall be presided over by the Chapter’s President or his/her representative.

iv).   Chapters shall operate according to principles of TAUS and SDA church.


10D. Chapter Officers

Chapters’ Presidents shall be elected by the General Assembly, but other Chapter leaders shall be elected by members of their Chapters as needed, using TAUS organizational structure.



11A. Nominating Committee

i).   As early as possible in the elections year annual retreat, a nominating committee will be elected by the General Assembly.

ii).   The nominating committee shall comprise of nine (9) members from Chapters that are active and represented at the retreat.

iii).   The officers of the nominating committee shall be elected by a popular vote of the members present during the creation of such committee. They in turn will receive Chapters recommendations, consider them and nominate prospective candidates and present its recommendation to the General Assembly during the election session.


11B. Length of Service

i).   All TAUS officers shall be elected at the General Assembly to serve a two (2) year term. An officer may be re-elected to serve in the same position for a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms. He/she may serve for more than two consecutive terms if elected to serve in a different position.

ii).   The term of service for newly elected leaders shall commence a day after the retreat has ended.

iii).   Special elections may be held anytime should the need arise.

iv).   The Board of Trustees will serve for a term of five (5) years. There are no term limits to members of the Board of Trustees, so they can be re-elected.



12A. Meeting Frequency

i).   There shall be a minimum of four (quarterly) meetings of the Executive Committee every year at such a place and time as shall be agreed upon by the Executive Committee. These may be face to face or virtual meetings.

ii).   When necessary, the President shall call a special or emergency meeting of the Executive Committee.

iii).   There shall be an annual General Assembly in the summer of each year, except when the General Conference of the SDA church is in session.

iv).   The General Assembly may recommend the time and place of the following year’s TAUS Retreat.

v).   The Executive Committee is responsible for researching, making final determination and announcing the place and time of the retreat.


12B. Voting

i).   Primary Members present at the General Assembly shall form a quorum for voting purposes.

ii).   Voting shall be by show of hands or by secret ballot should such be deemed necessary.



i).   The Executive Committee or two-thirds of the voting members present at the General Assembly shall have power to enact bylaws.

ii).   Such bylaws may be revoked, amended, by two-thirds of the voting members present at the General Assembly.

iii).   The proponent of an enactment, revoking, or amending bylaws must submit their proposition in writing to the Secretary not later than one month before the next regularly scheduled General Assembly.

iv).   Enacting, revoking, or amending of the bylaws must be undertaken during a regularly scheduled meeting of TAUS.



i).   Amendments to this constitution must be carried out by two-thirds of the voting members of the organization present during a regularly scheduled General Assembly at voting time.

ii).   Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Secretary at least three months before the retreat to qualify for review at that retreat.

iii).   The Secretary shall notify all TAUS members as part of TAUS Executive Committee regular announcements.

iv).   The Secretary may use his/her discretion to bring forward late submitted proposed amendments.



15A. Sources of Funds

The funds of this organization shall be generated from the following sources:

i).   Members contributions

ii).   Donations

iii).   Fund raising activities

iv).   Sales


15B. Management of Finances

i).  TAUS Bank Account

TAUS shall have an account with bank based in USA that has nationwide branches.

·   This will enable Treasurers to conduct business of the organization nationwide.

·   Chapter Treasurers will be able to deposit funds from various sources into the account.

·   At every General Assembly meeting, the Treasurer should present a detailed financial report.


ii). Audit Committee

Audit Committee will be elected every two years during election year. The audit committee shall conduct internal audit on the financial matters of TAUS annually, or whenever necessary.


iii). Disbursement of funds

The Executive Committee shall approve funds disbursements by two thirds majority vote.

The Executive Committee shall decide the maximum amount of money that a chapter can use without authorization of the National Treasurer. It shall also set expense payment approval levels for official(s).


iv). Project funds selections and funds allocation

Projects shall be selected by the Executive Committee; the national members should be informed of what projects TAUS has funded. Project coordinator will present to the General Assembly the projects that are ongoing and completed for that year.


15C. Dissolution

i)       The dissolution shall be in harmony with the procedural requirements of all federal and state laws applicable to incorporated organizations.

ii.  In the event of the dissolution, any funds remaining after all claims have been satisfied shall be transferred to existing affiliated organizations recommended by no less than two-thirds majority of the Executive Committee and/or approved by a resolution of the General Assembly.